How to Choose Foods That Promote Wellness

Have you seen the articles pushing back and forth against the notion that sugar is good or bad for you? Or butter? Or bacon? Etc… This is the case with all food and dietary science reporting. You will never find information that is definitive in one direction or another as long as there are biased research studies that are paid for by the industry that supplies the product that is being studied. As a result, I always look to the wisdom of my body to answer questions about what I really need or do not need. Let me share an example: read more

Veggie Loaf 2

Veggie Loaf Detail

No, it is not an alien landscape. Just a close look at the wonderful vegan “meat” loaf that I am sharing this week. I have been making this one for several months in different combinations. I use these as a healthy lunch option. My wife enjoys them with diced tomato, pickle, avocado, and salsa.

On the day before preparation take 3 cups of any combination of dried beans and legumes and soak in a glass or stainless bowl for at least 24 hours. This will allow the beans to completely rehydrate. Make sure there is room in the bowl for expansion and enough water to leave the beans covered as they absorb the water. You can add more water if needed. I test the beans for the right amount of rehydration by popping one into my mouth and if it is edible, it is ready.
This week I used: read more

Veggie Thanksgiving Feast

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This is one way to enjoy Thanksgiving and keep a plant-based diet on track.

The main dish is a pot pie with quinoa, lentils, golden beets, rutabaga, parsnip, white potato, carrot, garlic, onion, celery, seasonings and vegetable broth. I used puff pastry for the crust, so this is not vegan. The sides are green beans sauteed with garlic, steamed asparagus, cranberry orange sauce (made with white grape juice and sweetened with a little honey at the end of cooking), and baked apples with pecans. The dessert is a sweet potato pie made with white and purple sweet potatoes. I made some candied pecans and whipped cream to top the pie. read more

5 Ways to Reduce Sugar in Your Diet

FDA Label
1. Read the Label!

We all are familiar with the FDA Nutrition Facts label. This label can be a useful tool to get an idea about the ratio of nutritional factors in any foods that we eat. It does not give useful information about the quality of the ingredients, just quantitative values for elements like protein, carbohydrate, fat, and fiber.

Use this label to get a basic idea of these ratios as a beginning point for understanding the nutritional content of any packaged food. For foods that are not packaged, like whole foods in the bulk bins, you can look up this information online. I shop at Sprouts Market for many of the bulk items I use. Here is an online tool that they have available. read more

There Is No Place Like Home

Summer Dahlia

It is amazing what going away for week will tell you about how much “home” is essential to wellness.

There is an old saying, “Home is where the heart is”; and I think this phrase is a very profound truth.

Here are a few lessons I learned on my week away from home.

1. Experience the gratitude in sharing the loving and caring that a visit with family can bring to your life.

Every visit with my in-laws is a joy for me. I am fortunate to have a very positive relationship with my wife’s family. This alone is reason for a large portion of gratitude! I can honestly say that I feel as much a part of my wife’s family as I do my own. Not only is this a source of gratitude, it is a source of stress reduction when I travel to visit them. read more