Wellness is Peace

I have described a process of using the experience of acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude as a key to finding peace. This is wellness in a nutshell. Everything that we are can be attributed to our attitude and intention as they are grounded in this experience of peace. This is very much a holistic process and is very much an inside job for the individual. At the same time it is all about how the world aligns with the principles of the holistic paradigm.

It is very obvious that our world has a long way to go before it is aligned with holism. This is due to the nature of the world being a composite of the individuals that inhabit it. As the individuals progress toward this alignment as a larger and larger proportion of the world population, the more the entire world will become aligned with peace and wellness. read more

Wellness Is The Journey

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I have noticed that the term “wellness” continues to be associated with so many externally validated states. When wellness is defined by the presence or absence of disease it is no longer consistent with the holistic paradigm. When wellness is something that is measured or obtained through changes in behavior, it ceases to be an experience and becomes a “product”. Though I do think that having goals for wellness makes sense in a symbolic or metaphoric way, it is really necessary to “realize” wellness as an experience in every waking moment. read more

I Am At Peace

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I just came in from the garden. I was pruning a Hawaiian jasmine called Pikake. I have to keep it in the house through the winter months. It is finally warm enough to put back out on the patio. I try to root the cuttings to create more plants. I have two that may be rooted from last year. Last Thursday I spend the afternoon planting baby vegetables in containers: Eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, and Thai Basil. Every spring it is the same. There is such peace and tranquility in the garden. If you have not had the pleasure of puttering around in the garden, I highly recommend it. read more

Sanctuary Within

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I have been having discussions with my wife about the challenge of keeping serenity in the face of the constant barrage of distraction that comes from our environment. And then there is the constant barrage of distraction that comes from our own mind. It is easy to suggest that we just need to return to the breath to overcome the distraction from any source. Of course, simple solutions are not always easy to achieve. There is a certain amount of dedication and commitment that is required to “return to the breath” in the face of every challenge. read more

Travels to Distant Lands (Mindfulness and Buddhism)

Maya Mall Altar
I returned from Chiang Mai, Thailand a week ago, Saturday. My wife and I spent two weeks visiting the Land of Smiles. Thailand is a Buddhist country and we stayed in the old city of Chiang Mai where the ancient tradition of Buddhist culture is evident in almost every aspect of the surroundings. There was an entrance to a Buddhist temple in every other street or alley. I was able to observe various ways that the local population practiced the tradition within the confines of a burgeoning tourist trade. read more