Smile Yoga

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I would like to share one of my current personal wellness practices with you. I call this practice “Smile Yoga”.

I have learned about Laughter Yoga over the past few years and found that the concept is very valuable. The benefit of laughter is evidenced through the personal experience. It just plain feels good. If I was practicing Laughter Yoga as I walk down the street, I might find myself the object of a good amount of speculation by those around me. Worst case is that I would be approached by a well intentioned law officer. Since I do not want to create a nuisance, nor do I want to be the object of too much attention out there in the public realm, I have come up with a more subdued form of the same concept. Smile Yoga! read more

I Am At Peace

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I just came in from the garden. I was pruning a Hawaiian jasmine called Pikake. I have to keep it in the house through the winter months. It is finally warm enough to put back out on the patio. I try to root the cuttings to create more plants. I have two that may be rooted from last year. Last Thursday I spend the afternoon planting baby vegetables in containers: Eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, and Thai Basil. Every spring it is the same. There is such peace and tranquility in the garden. If you have not had the pleasure of puttering around in the garden, I highly recommend it. read more

Sanctuary Within

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I have been having discussions with my wife about the challenge of keeping serenity in the face of the constant barrage of distraction that comes from our environment. And then there is the constant barrage of distraction that comes from our own mind. It is easy to suggest that we just need to return to the breath to overcome the distraction from any source. Of course, simple solutions are not always easy to achieve. There is a certain amount of dedication and commitment that is required to “return to the breath” in the face of every challenge. read more

Keeping it Simple for the Holidays

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I have seen so many articles about how stressful the holidays can be and so many tips on how to cope with the stress. Isn’t it a bit paradoxical that a time that is supposed to be focused on the blessings we have received is fraught with anxiety and stress? The reason for this is very obvious to me, and the solution is also as obvious. The amazing thing is that everyone is so distracted by the commercialism of the holiday season that they do not see the reality that is as plain as the nose on their faces. read more

Listening for Wellness

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I made a choice to take the day off. I am not sick. I just wanted to have more time to prepare for a weekend getaway to the beach with my wife. I could have just worked today and then tried to get all the weekend errands stuffed into Friday after work and Sunday after I return from our short getaway. This would have left me more tired and stressed than if I had not taken the weekend getaway at all.

When the idea dawned on me, I almost decided against it. One of the voices in my head told me that it was no big deal. I could just get all the stuff done and everything would be fine. Then another voice, with better reasoning, made it clear that it was more nurturing to take the extra time and allow for getting the errands done before going away. This will allow me to relax on the trip and to not worry about coming home and getting everything done before the next day begins. read more