Gratitude and Wellness

Quan Yin

This week I want to share something that I have learned about how gratitude contributes to the wellness experience. We know that there are many ways to view and understand the idea of “wellness”. I have tried to present my definitions and perspective on wellness throughout the pages of this site. Now I am adding another idea. Gratitude. I am sure we all have our own understanding of gratitude. I will try to make my thoughts very clear and show you the connection that I have found between gratitude and wellness. read more

Stress Management and Unemployment

Before I begin this week’s post, I have a couple of comments. I want to thank those of you who took the time to read last week’s post. If you did not take the time to register on the website, I would encourage you to do so and have the opportunity to view all of the resources that are available. As this site is just starting, it can only grow and become a full fledged wellness community if everyone who is interested in growing wellness is a regular participant. As the community grows, I hope there will be opportunities to develop activities in the community that will enhance and enrich wellness practice for everyone. read more


Today is the day. I am making the official launch on this wellness site. I would like to express my gratitude to all of the partners who have provided the support for making this a reality.

I plan to post on a weekly basis to begin with. Please realize that this is not meant to be a brief reflection. The posts will be substantial and will require a few minutes of your time. I hope that the reading will be worth your while. I welcome all feedback and comments. This is meant as an interactive forum, not a lecture hall. read more