Psychoneuroimmunology – The Mind/Body Connection and Implications for Wellness

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I had a reader pose a question last week that inspired this week’s post. He asked, “We know the impact of stress on our body. Is there a domino effect on other body systems? If so can you provide an example? How then are the nervous system, skeletal system, muscular system and say the immune system impacted by injury or stress? Of course meditation creates a state of mind that impacts all these systems in a positive way, but what happens when we don’t meditate and injury or negative events occur?” read more

Meditation and Wellness

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When I worked on the research for my Ph.D. dissertation, I interviewed seniors on how spirituality promoted wellness in their lives. One of the things that I found was that spiritual seniors held a strong belief in some type of higher being. They also maintained a strong practice in relating and interacting with that higher being. This relationship was very important to wellness for these seniors. All of the seniors in the study used prayer and meditation in one form or another to work on this relationship. It is important to keep in mind that those who were religious referred to God or Jesus when they discussed this relationship. Those who were not religious referred to a higher power or universal mind or consciousness. The language is not as important as the experience. Do not let religious content dissuade you from understanding the larger context. I would like to highlight the importance of how meditation influences wellness in the light of these findings. read more

The Role of Forgiveness in Promoting Wellness

Before I begin this week’s post, I would like to ask if you have found the previous posts interesting or helpful. If you have found the information useful in any way, I would like to hear from you. Please take the time to link to the website and register as a subscriber. This will allow you to comment on the posts. You will also receive the weekly post as an email to your inbox, and you will be able to view the additional content on the site that is dedicated to education on wellness from a holistic perspective. If you think becoming involved with an online wellness community will be beneficial, please consider joining. This site has no advertising or marketing imbedded, it is purely an academic endeavor and is dedicated to promoting wellness for all. read more

Wellness and Creativity

This week I would like to discuss an idea that has been with me for years. I think and feel that this notion is one of the root issues that impact our success in every aspect of our lives – essentially one of the greatest sources of wellness that we can experience.

I began a serious course of wellness education in the late 90’s with a practitioner in Santa Rosa, CA. Virginia Romero, the founder of the Wellness Counseling Center and Holistic School of Massage, had developed a model that she called Infinite Wellness. This was a complete program on a holistic and transpersonal framework. There was a varied menu of practices that were all designed to assist anyone in growing an effective wellness practice. I will not reveal the details of this program in this post, yet I would like to share an insight that I received as a result of engaging in the practices I learned. read more

Diet is a Four Letter Word


How many of you are not confused about all of the messages that we receive about body weight and weight loss? How many of you have been on a “diet”? It is clear that carrying more weight on your body than is needed can have consequences. It is not clear how this is best addressed considering everyone is different and has needs that are specific to individual factors. I have found an author who presents several ideas on nutrition and wellness. If you have not read anything by Marc David, I would recommend looking at his work (see the end of post for a list of a couple of books by him). I am going to discuss an idea that I have developed from reading his work. read more