What does your wellness practice look like?

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Here is a question for you all to answer. If you take this thing called wellness seriously, what are you doing to demonstrate this? Remember that I am defining wellness as a larger concept than the medical notion that we are preventing disease or managing chronic illness, even though those ideas are part of the whole wellness model. To me, wellness is a lifestyle that I consciously choose. I do have some chronic conditions that I manage using my wellness practice. I also use my wellness practice to promote a consistent state of being, or rate of vibration, that I know is promoting my vitality in the present moment. read more

Senior Spirituality and Holistic Wellness – Part Three

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In Part Three, the final installment in my series on senior spirituality and wellness, I will discuss what I learned about how these seniors faced mortality from a spiritual wellness perspective.

Ages of these seniors ranged from 67 to 90 with a mean age of 80.25 and a median age of 83.5. In other words, the majority of the participants were over 83 years old. These were active members of their senior community. They also had a variety of health conditions that required some kind of regular intervention. For a couple, the conditions had the potential to be life threatening. Sadly, one of the participants was deceased within a year of completing the interview for the study. read more

Senior Spirituality and Holistic Wellness – Part Two

El Capitan

As I mention in Part One of this series, spiritual seniors experience a relationship with a higher power or higher plane, and this relationship is a large aspect of wellness for them. This week I want to discuss the nature of this relationship as described by the seniors in my study. The most important characteristic of this relationship is that it is interactive. This interactivity has strong similarities with certain differences for various individuals.

For the religious members of the study, the interaction with spirit was described in the context of prayer and meditation. For the members who were not affiliated with any religion, the interaction was also described in the context of prayer and meditation, though it was not a prayer to God or Jesus, it was more to a Universal Higher Being. I did not try to distinguish or define the meaning of the higher being, I simply accepted each individual’s meaning in context. read more

Senior Spirituality and Holistic Wellness – Part One

I would like to discuss some of the findings from my study with 12 seniors in my local community. All of the seniors in my study considered themselves “spiritual” persons. They also thought there was a relationship between their spirituality and their wellness. I asked them to tell me how they experienced this relationship, and the wisdom that they shared confirmed the important role of spirituality in wellness.

When I asked the seniors in my study to tell me about their spirituality, all of them described their beliefs in some higher power. They also described a spiritual realm where this higher power resides and where our souls will reside when the bodies we currently animate are no longer viable. Whether you share these beliefs or not is not important here. What is important is the understanding that when individuals do hold these beliefs, it provides them with a framework for making meaning of their lived experience. It is the meaning that we make as we perceive the reality around us that informs our worldview and gives us the schema for hanging all of the content of experience in a coherent and cohesive structure. read more