How Do You See Your Wellness?


I am celebrating 6 months of writing my blog! This has been a wonderful experience so far, and I look forward to continuing this journey for as long as I can sit at a keyboard and type away.

One way I want to celebrate this journey is to acknowledge the participation of everyone who has taken time to read my posts. I can’t tell you how rewarding this experience is. I am most gratified when I hear a comment from a reader who has found something I have said to be relevant and helpful in his or her wellness journey. read more

Killer Stress

There has been a lot of attention in the media lately about the harmful effects of stress. It seems like every aspect of our existence has a source of stress that will get us if we don’t watch out. We are surrounded and the odds do not look good. Or are we?

Stress has been around forever. Back when all of life consisted of single cell organisms, there was stress. Stress is simply the word we use when there is tension between one thing and another. On the cellular level, it could be as simple as an excess of salinity in the fluid surrounding the membrane of a given cell. I won’t go into the details, yet it is worth noting that a need to achieve balance is the response to this kind of tension. This is known as maintaining homeostasis; a fancy word for balance. read more

Use the force, Luke!

Hubble Super Nova

I know that using a Star Wars quote is very cliché, yet in the context of this post, it is appropriate.

Anyone with a spiritual orientation will agree that the universe is energetic. As a matter of fact, a spiritual orientation is not required to hold this view. On a basic level of physics, it is agreed that all the matter in the universe is formed from energy. Things become a little more complicated when we start to discuss consciousness, or mind, or spirit, or soul. If we can agree that there is a spectrum of energy that ranges from the most subtle (i.e. the quantum foam that is at the root of every subatomic particle imaginable) to the most dense (i.e. a black hole); we can start to develop a framework for understanding energy in a way that can be very helpful when thinking about wellness. read more

The Power of Family

IrisOut of all the domains of wellness, I think family and community do not get the attention that they deserve. The reason I am focused on family for this week’s post is that I have just spent the last two weeks in family mode. First I travelled to Omaha, NE to visit my first cousin and her family. Then we drove down to Kansas City, KS to join my wife’s family reunion. Upon returning to Sacramento, CA we prepared to host my mother and sister and her family for the 4th of July week. I just had a two week dose of family time, and it makes me realize how much joy there is in spending time like this. read more