Be a Wellness Hero!

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I had a thought this morning and wanted to share it. We all ask ourselves, “Why do I have a hard time doing the things that I know are going to promote my wellness?” All of us run into this wall at one point. For example, I know I feel so much better when I get in a stretch (tai chi, moving meditation) before I start my day. On most days, I do a very small amount of stretching and feel a little bit better. I usually am getting lunches and breakfast and packing up and running out the door to hit the commute to work. Once I am at work, I have taken to doing wrist stretches while my PC is warming up. This is great for my wrists and shoulders. The rest of me can get a little neglected at times. After work I can get in a better stretch, especially on the days that I am at the gym and I stretch before working out. I know that I would feel much better if I worked a daily stretch with some tai chi into my routine. The fact that I still do not do this is an example of where I am not doing what I know. read more

Save the Date! – November 6, 2014

Hello to all of you.

I would like to announce that I am giving a talk based on one of my posts titled – Diet is a Four Letter Word!

For those of you who are in the Sacramento, CA area, I would like to invite you to join me for this talk on November 6. The registration fee for the talk is $10.00.

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Thank you for interest.

Dr. Zolow

Global Wellness – Social Consciousness and Universal Mind

Yosemite PanoramaWhere do we find meaning in life and how does this promote our well being?

A recent study demonstrated that residents of poor nations have a greater sense of meaning in life than those in wealthy nations. At the same time, the residents of the wealthier nations have a higher sense of life satisfaction. This is a very interesting result. What would you rather have, greater meaning in life or greater life satisfaction?

Another study examined the relationship between meaning in life and subjective well being for college students in the Philippines and discovered a positive relationship between the two. The study authors indicated that promoting meaning in life would lead to increased well being. read more

Presence and Wellness

Ginger in Fall

What does it take to allow the perception of the present moment to occur? Each moment we shift our attention toward the experiences that we are attracted to. It seems that we are most attracted to experiences of the past or future, and less attracted to the present moment. If this shift in attention is a choice we make, why do we choose to focus on past and future, and avoid the present moment? How does this choice impact our wellness experience?

From the holistic perspective, every action we take has an interactive influence on all of the domains of our existence. A very simple example would be how when we are less active physically we become mentally sluggish. The “body” and the “mind” are completely interdependent. This goes for all our domains. The holistic wellness model that I propose requires that we understand this interactive nature of existence and make choices that promote the generation of growth and balance, harmony and peace in our expression of life. read more

Falling into Wellness

fall leaves

Now that the season is changing and we are moving into fall, the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler. This shift in the environmental energy is a powerful influence on our wellness experience.

Do you notice that you have less energy in the evenings when it is already dark out on the way home from work? Do you notice that you want to eat more comfort foods? Are you someone who suffers from a little Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

As the days get shorter and colder, many of us may feel like it is difficult to keep up the outdoor activities that we have depended on for our regular exercise routine. As we may exercise less, and we tend to eat more, we find that we experience seasonal weight gain. This kicks off the annual cycle of increased weight in the colder months and the push to lose the extra weight as the days get longer and warmer in the New Year. Weight gain is just an outward sign of a complex process and we can learn to understand this process and create intention to produce the wellness outcomes that we desire. read more