Cosmic Wellness

I am reading Cosmos – A Co-creators Guide to the Whole-World by Ervin Laszlo and Jude Currivan. I want to mention this because I continue to learn and grow in my personal wellness journey through many interactions. Reading a book like this affirms and validates all that I know and understand; all that I feel and resonate with; and all that I believe to be true.

If you are not familiar with Ervin Laszlo, I highly recommend reading his work. I have mentioned him many times in the past. This book continues his message about the holistic nature of the universe. He and Jude Currivan present extensive examples from the current research in physics and cosmology to demonstrate the ways that all things in the universe are intimately connected. One important message in this book for me is to realize that everything we learned about mainstream science has been outdated by current learning. This book explains the shift to a new holistic paradigm and how we benefit from this new view. read more

Healing the Trauma of Life’s Journey

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There aren’t many of us who can say they have made it through life without some kind of traumatic experience. In certain cases, the past trauma has had a lasting impact on how the individual experiences life in the present moment. There are dozens of techniques and methods that have been developed to assist with healing the trauma of one’s past. Several of these are in the field of psychotherapy. Several are in the field of somatic therapy and bodywork practice. Others are in the field of mindfulness and other meditation practices. These are just some of the examples of avenues to finding healing for past trauma. read more

Aging in the New Millennium

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With the size of the older population in the US growing larger and larger as the “boomers” reach 65 and up, we are seeing an opportunity to create a surge in holistic wellness promotion. There are many obstacles to realizing this goal. For one, the medical model that is most accepted in the US does not foster holism very well. The drive to treat disease through pharmaceutical intervention, and when that is not effective, through surgical or other invasive interventions, is a direction that we all should be trying to avoid with all our efforts. Not to say that drugs and surgery do not have their place in the medical intervention model. These interventions are most successful in the acute response to urgent trauma care, like a gunshot wound or the injuries sustained in an accident. When it comes to treating chronic conditions that are mostly related to lifestyle and environmental factors, these interventions are basically “closing the barn after the horse has gotten out”. read more

Grains and Beans Recipe

Grains and Beans Recipe

Soak overnight in the same bowl:

½ cup whole barley (if you need gluten-free you can replace with whole buckwheat)
½ cup whole oats
½ cup whole kamut (if you need gluten-free you can replace with whole grain brown rice)
½ cup whole quinoa
½ cup black beans
½ cup red beans

Drain the beans and grains and mix well. Steam the mixture in a double boiler with steamer.

Once the beans and grains are cooked to a chewy texture (make sure the beans are tender) you can use the mixture as a base for various combinations. My choice for this week was to use a package of soy “chorizo” for flavor and added protein. read more

Relax and Enjoy Your Wellness

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This week I have been asked by one of my regular readers to discuss “cortisol”. If you are unfamiliar with cortisol, it is one of the chemicals that our bodies produce as a natural part of our physiological regulatory function. It is produced by our adrenal glands, like epinephrine/adrenalin. Remember the terms “adrenalin rush” or “adrenalin junkie”? There is a very distinct relationship between stress and our adrenal glands. You are all familiar with the “fight or flight response”? When we experience this reaction to a stressor, we have increased levels of epinephrine and cortisol in our bloodstream and throughout our bodies. read more