Wellness in the New Year


Here we are; the last week of 2014. I hope it has been a rewarding year for everyone.

As we leave 2014 and go into the New Year, I would like to remind us all of a few important ideas.

Join the shift!

Every year brings us closer to the cultural transformation that realizes the connectedness that is essential to our existence in this universe. Western thinking has been grounded in the paradigm of “individuality” for several centuries. The harm this view has caused can be seen all around us. As long as we continue to perceive that our reality is compartmentalized and mechanistic, we can only see the surface of our world. To perceive deeper into the reality we all exist within requires a shift to understand that all the compartments and mechanisms are completely interactive with each other. Each individual is a unique expression within a framework of connection; in essence a member of a symbiotic relationship that includes all that exists. read more

A Winter Solstice Message

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I will keep this short and sweet since everyone is crazy busy with the holidays.

Today is the Winter Solstice. This is a special time for many reasons, and those who recognize the significance of the solstice probably all have a very personal story they can tell. I would like to emphasize the importance of the return of the sun. As the shortest day of the year, it is also the first day of the return of lengthening days. This signifies hope and creates the momentum for moving into higher states of vibration. From this day until the Summer Solstice, each day will be a little longer and this daily growth can be the reminder that we all have the potential to increase our own energy, one day at a time. read more

Announcement – New Course Available – Ayurveda 101



I will be giving a talk on Ayurveda on February 18, 2015 for the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. Please click this link for a description of the course and instructions on how to register if you are in the Sacramento area. Thank you for your continued support in providing wellness promotion education for the online and local community.

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Holiday Stress Relief

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Here we are again, in the holiday season. This can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Families come together and old trauma and emotional injury can become re-triggered. In our consumer driven, commercial practice of the holidays, there is pressure to spend more money and give gifts to loved ones, regardless of how practical or sustainable. If there is ever a time of the year that can promote thoughts and feelings of inadequacy or lack, this is one of the most intense.

How do we respond to the pressures that we face at this time? Are we prepared to keep the intensity at a minimum and to maintain the self-care practices that we have promoted throughout the rest of the year? This is a time when wellness and recovery become more difficult to remain focused upon. read more