Life and Death Matter

Yosemite Sunset

This week I am contemplating several ideas about how we relate to living and dying. Especially as to how this is played out in the direction our healthcare model has been evolving. Underlying this evolution is the drifting away from the original purpose of medical care – the alleviation of suffering and the duty to cause no harm. Somehow we have moved to an orientation that sets death against life, with the ultimate purpose of avoiding death at all costs, regardless of how this affects quality of life, creating more suffering and harm. read more

Does Positive Thinking Produce Wellness?

Yosemite Elements

I read earlier this week about how positive thinking will not produce “happiness”. I also read earlier this week about how a positive outlook will produce better health outcomes. Not that happiness and health outcomes are necessarily the same thing; I want to examine the notion that whatever is going on “inside of our heads” so to speak does play a very important role in happiness, health and wellness.

What is a thought? I don’t think anyone can really answer that question. We often consider a thought as the product of the action of our “mind”. And what is “mind”? It is clear that, even though there are theories on these, the truth or facts about them are not well established. So we are kind of stuck with the consensus at the time, and consensus is a very malleable thing. It is still possible to discuss the topic at hand. I will propose my definition of thought and mind and we can use that to look at how applying “positivity” as a wellness intervention can produce certain outcomes. read more

Wellness – The Long View

Dillon Beach

The other day someone told me that they were only eating 1200 calories each day to lose weight. I didn’t explore the details of this plan, as this person is not a client of mine. I did feel a sense of concern and compassion toward this person due to my understanding that losing weight by a drastic cut in calories is not a sustainable method. Typically this kind of plan causes yo-yo weight loss and weight gain, unless a person were to use this method as a short term plan and also make a long term plan to transform multiple domains of wellness. read more

Resolve to Evolve!

Whistler Peaks

Welcome to 2015 at Wellness Promotion Consulting. It is great to start the New Year fresh with great energy and powerful intention! I can imagine that many have made some kind of New Year’s resolution. The theme is trending high on the blogosphere. I typically prefer to stay away from “trendiness”, yet in this case, I feel I have a few comments that could be helpful to those who do decide to create resolutions for wellness.

Personally, I do not choose to use “resolutions” as a means to generate change in my lifestyle or behavior. I have my reasons, and I do not have anything against the practice. If it works, then it is a useful tool. The question is, “if it works”? For those who have had the experience of creating a resolution, and then finding it is not sustainable, I have a few points to contribute. I hope these notions will be helpful. They are not based on scientific study, nor are they based on any kind of evidence other than what I have found to be true in my experience. If the ideas are useful to you, then I am glad to be of service. read more