Why Won’t Nutritional Guidelines Help Promote Wellness?


Have you heard about the nutritional guidelines that are being released by the Federal government? If you haven’t yet, you will eventually. There are many good things in the guidelines. There are going to be controversies as well. And there is one of the most important things for wellness missing! What could that be? For those of you have been reading my blog for some time, you can predict what I am about to say. For anyone who is new, I will provide a little background. read more

Love and Wellness

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Valentine’s Day is my inspiration this morning. We all take the day to remember the love we have for someone special in our lives. How many of us remembered the most important love of all? You know who I am talking about. Go look in the mirror! All love begins here. For those with a religious inclination, I know you would like to place God before anything else. I would argue that without self-love, any spiritual devotion will be diminished.

Self-love is not about narcissism or hedonism or egoism. Let’s get clear about what I mean when I say “self-love”. It is not the same thing as “self-esteem”. What I am talking about is the acknowledgment of a very simple truth. Every action and interaction that each of us will experience begins at the very center of our being. Each of us will “choose” the next action, thought, feeling, attitude, step, word, and so on; in each moment of our existence. Who is making this choice? So many of these choices happen below the level of our perceived awareness. read more



There has been so much written about happiness and contentment lately. You would think that everyone has lost the ability to be happy or content. How could this be? It seems an entire industry has sprouted up with the express purpose of returning happiness and contentment to the masses. It is amazing to me that our culture has cultivated a belief system that we are basically unhappy and need to be shown how to be happy and content. It is the same across so many domains of human experience. I guess the business model is based on convincing as many people as possible that they do not have some “thing” important, like happiness or contentment, and then to develop “products” that will provide a solution to the lacking “thing”. read more

Winds of Change

Blowing Palms

I have frequently commented on my opinion that the holistic perspective is essential to any positive developments in health and wellness promotion for the entire planet. I am happy to see that there are many great advocates of moving the medical model in the direction of the holistic view. Integrative medicine and lifestyle medicine are two areas that are growing and are pointing medical science in the direction of understanding the interconnectedness of person, society, and environment. As with any changing paradigm, the old school is always dragged into the new view kicking and screaming. I wish it were not so. At least we have moved beyond the methods of old, when we burned heretics at the stake as witches and demons. read more