How To Spend Time On Stress Management

River Wallace - Belize
I had a realization that I wanted to share with you. I notice how I stay very busy with life. I am the kind of person that is not happy unless I am doing something with a purpose. That includes gardening, playing guitar, blogging, cooking, arts and crafts, fishing, and so on. When I am at work I want to have something to do with my time. When I am at home I want something to do with my time.

What I realize is that as I am involved with any of these activities I am also in touch with mindfulness and some aspect of spirituality. When I am fishing on a river bank I am more in touch with the beauty of the nature that surrounds me. The bird song and the colors of the trees and the water all give me a sense of joy and calm. I do not concern myself with a “need” to catch a fish. I am happy either way. When I am in the garden, I am in communion with the plants and insects. I am accepting of the plants that flourish and the plants that are not making it. I am grateful for any harvest. read more

Eating With Awareness From Beginning To End

I was speaking with my wife at brunch this morning, and we touched on a topic that inspired my post for this week. We were discussing how amazing it is that we as human beings are so easily focused on parts of a process and are so willing to ignore or deny the other parts of the process. To be specific, we were exploring how typical it is in our society for someone to be very aware of the appearance of a meal and the taste of a meal, yet when it comes to how the meal affects digestion and elimination, we are prone to disconnect the relationship of the parts. read more

Nourishing Wellness

I came in from the garden this morning with delight and joy. How is it that the simple act of interacting with nature is so healing? So revitalizing?

I found a new beetle on the avocado sapling. I don’t remember seeing that type before. It was exhilarating. When I see the new growth springing from the seedlings, I can feel the creative force that forms the universe. This is such a spiritual experience. I realize that my existence is the product of the same creative force. Each of my cells has the same motivation to grow and thrive, just like the seedlings that are pushing out fresh leaves. All they need is a nourishing environment and the space to do what they do naturally. read more

Healing Affirmation

I studied with a master wellness coach who taught me the power of healing affirmation. Virginia was in her mid 70’s when I first met her. She was running a massage school and wellness coaching program. I worked with her for 3 years and discovered many amazing truths about wellness and how we can take personal action for our own healing. One of the tools that Virginia was very adamant about was the use of affirmation. For those who are familiar, affirmation is one of the staples of “new age” healing and also the foundation of many of the ancient healing traditions found around the world. Very simply, affirmation is a process where we speak the truth that we would like to project into our reality. The universe will manifest this truth in its own way and in its own time, so we develop the patience and attention to be aware of this manifestation. read more