5 Tips for Happiness

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I typically do not present my posts in this kind of form. This week, I have decided to experiment with a short list of tips that I have found useful for promoting personal “happiness”, which I find distinctly related to my overall wellness. I hope you will find these tips useful also.

1. Stop thinking of happiness as a destination.

We are conditioned to be goal oriented from early childhood. Sadly, there are even those who believe the ends justify the means. With all the focus on the outcome and the “arrival”, we are all stuck in the future. The problem is that the future is always tomorrow or next week or next month. This way of thinking keeps us from living in the present moment. This is a major contributor to the “lack of happiness” that so many seem to be feeling in their daily lives. read more

Transcendent Wellness

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Where is your wellness? Is it in your head or brain? Is it in your heart? Your body? Your mind? Your spirit? The way you answer this kind of question will tell you a lot about what wellness means to you. It will also tell you a lot about how you can practice and promote your personal wellness in the most optimal manner.

As I have spent time watching the activity on several platforms that are dedicated to health and wellness, I am noticing how there are many “holistic” approaches to wellness. In most cases, each platform will be presented from the particular bias or perspective that is being promoted by the “institute”, “association”, or other organization that is putting out the wellness message. It is wonderful to see this abundance of wellness promotion in the world today. read more

Finding Peace in Self Acceptance

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Every moment we spend without self acceptance is a moment that decreases our overall wellness potential.

We all know the drill, “I am not good enough”, “I need to be better than I am”, “I will never be where I want to be”, “Why can’t I do anything right”, and so many other thoughts of self-criticism or self-denial. For those who have never struggled with these kinds of thoughts, be grateful. For those who are still struggling with these thoughts, especially when it comes to choosing a healthier lifestyle, I would like to make a few suggestions that I hope will be helpful in moving toward more self acceptance and increased wellness overall. read more

Key to Wellness

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I can’t remember when it happened. At one point in my life I realized that I could no longer expect the world to change for the better based on the simple fact that I could see there was a lot of room for improvement. Eventually it dawned on me that the only thing I could control was what I choose to do in every moment. This is one of the keys to wellness that I want to share this week.

Think about it. Every breath we take is an opportunity to choose. We can choose an attitude of gratitude. We can choose to have an attitude of compassion and kindness. We can create an intention for healing ourselves, those we care about, and the entire planet. How can we make each breath this powerful? It is all about how much awareness we have in the present moment. read more

Integrating Holistic Wellness with Allopathic Medicine

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As a holistic wellness practitioner, I approach all of my healing needs from the fullest and broadest spectrum possible. I have learned about how to adjust my diet to promote healing and wellness. I have learned how to adjust my exercise regimen to promote healing and wellness. I include stress management and meditative practices in my daily living to promote healing and wellness. I also take as many opportunities that allow me to be compassionate and kind as possible on a daily basis. Though not perfect in any effort, I do find a bounty of gratitude in doing the action that promotes my wellness and the wellness of those around me. read more