Self Care – Practice What You Preach

Mirror Lake Tree
Last week I received news of a terrible tragedy that took place in the old group of friends who were my extended family many years ago. Even though I have not remained in close contact with this group of friends, I still consider all of them to be instrumental in my coming of age and very important influences upon my life’s path. I was devastated by the news due to the horror and inconceivable nature of the event. I am still emotional when I think about it.

I wanted to share how I have used my wellness practice as a way of coping with this tragedy. Each of us will have our own personal method for dealing with such terrible news. I am not setting myself up as an example of the “right” way to cope, or any such thing. I am interested in letting others know what my wellness practice looks like in response to such a powerful life stressor. If what I share is helpful or beneficial to anyone else, I will always be grateful for the opportunity to serve others. read more

Wellness – A Long Way To Go

The wellness and healthcare worlds continue to maintain several misconceptions about the best approach to improving the life experience of all concerned. As I am about to express an opinion, though it is a well informed opinion, it is still just my own humble opinion; it is best to consider the following as a way to frame the debate about how do we move the planet toward sustainable wellness for all. Pretty grand notion, ya’ think?

First of all, the medical perspective on health and wellness, no matter how many catch phrases and how much lip service is applied to the perspective, is still grounded in the reductionist, allopathic disease model. If we can just find “the cause” of the problem, and then “fix” the cause, we will solve the problem. This is a nice fantasy and all the gold standard double blind controlled studies dedicated to determining a cause are all doomed to failure. “Why?” you may ask. Because the complex interactions that make up our experiences cannot be reduced to their parts for any kind of quantification. Statistical analysis is science looking at the shadows on the wall of the cave and believing that they are studying “reality”. read more

Wellness By Any Other Name

Mirror Lake
I began my wellness journey as a teenager back in the late 70’s. I was fortunate to have friends who were learning about alternative views of the world. I began practicing meditation and yoga, and over the years have picked up many additions like tai chi, traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure massage, and a wide range of energy healing practices. All of these views of the world have formed my understanding of the universe as holistic, interconnected, and completely interdependent.

My undergraduate studies revolved around the exploration of how Eastern and Western healing practices could become better integrated. This was in the mid-80’s and now look at how the field of integrative medicine has become the cutting edge. As I have witnessed the transformation of our mainstream culture over the years I have kept in mind that any shift in paradigm is a slow and arduous process. I am grateful to see that many of the changes for the better have happened in my lifetime. There is still a very long way to go to achieve what I would consider a complete integration of holistic wellness into the fabric of our mainstream culture. read more