Stress Overload!

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I know myself well enough to know when I am getting more stressed out than I would like. Lately, I am working hard on a project that has time pressure, complexity, and competing priorities. Sounds like a recipe for stress overload!

One of the things I can see happening is that I start to feel like I am losing my grip on “control”. This is a perfect sign that I have shifted my perspective away from my wellness orientation and have started to engage in a more harmful process. Fortunately, I can notice this when it is happening and take a step back. By taking this step back, I can become a witness to the process and respond from a less personal and more compassionate place. read more

Pain Management – Reprise

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I wrote a post last year on pain management. It is time to write about this topic again.

If I take a medical model view of my personal health over the years, I would fall into a category of “chronic pain”. I received a diagnosis of mild scoliosis when I was 15 or 16 years old. I was told that I have a curve in my lower back and mid back and over time it could become debilitating. The first chiropractor I visited when I was a teen explained how chiropractic treatment would prevent the deterioration of my spine and eventual need for surgery with spinal fusion and so on. As a young person, I was impressionable and did not know what I have learned over the years. As a result, I spent several decades relating to this diagnosis from a view that locked my self image, and resulting manifestation of physical reality, into a very negative perspective. read more

5 Tips to Prioritize Your Wellness Practice

Mendo Woods
Since there are only so many hours in a day, and so many days in a week, and so on; it is always a challenge to set priorities for how to use the time we have available. There are so many conflicting priorities, and so many conflicting obligations and expectations, how can we decide what is best and maintain a balance?

Here are a few tips on how to set priorities and to maintain this balance in your daily wellness lifestyle:

1. Discover what is really important to you.

This is one of the most important conversations that we can have with ourselves. It is not odd to sit down and have this dialogue. We are in a continuous internal dialogue, whether we are aware of it at any given moment. In many ways, meditation is a process where we can become aware of the dialogue and learn to quiet the mind to allow for a connection with peace and serenity without the peanut gallery chiming in all the time. read more

Thought for the Week

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Where does the energy for healing come from?
Where does the energy for creativity come from?
Where does the energy for life come from?

These three questions are truly one and the same.

As we exist
Living life in this incarnation
We are animated and energized

Where is the source?

Is it found in the food we eat?
Is it found in the function or our brain?
Is it found in the function of our organs and tissues?

We answer these questions based on our worldview and the filters that we place on our perception of reality. Whichever answer we choose for our own personal meaning, we will create the structure for our understanding. The possibilities for healing, creativity, and wellness are all grounded in this understanding. read more