Wellness – Peak or Plateau?

I am reading an article in Volume 47, Number 1, 2015 of The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology about the plateau experience as described by Abraham Maslow just prior to his death. Nicole Gruel produces a valuable review of literature that explains Maslow’s perspective and experience of the plateau experience. You may or may not have heard of the plateau experience, yet I am sure most everyone has heard of the peak experience, which is another of Maslow’s major concepts in his body of writing and work. Why would I want to comment on the plateau experience, you may ask? read more

Listening for Wellness

Coleus 2

I made a choice to take the day off. I am not sick. I just wanted to have more time to prepare for a weekend getaway to the beach with my wife. I could have just worked today and then tried to get all the weekend errands stuffed into Friday after work and Sunday after I return from our short getaway. This would have left me more tired and stressed than if I had not taken the weekend getaway at all.

When the idea dawned on me, I almost decided against it. One of the voices in my head told me that it was no big deal. I could just get all the stuff done and everything would be fine. Then another voice, with better reasoning, made it clear that it was more nurturing to take the extra time and allow for getting the errands done before going away. This will allow me to relax on the trip and to not worry about coming home and getting everything done before the next day begins. read more