Prayer for Wellness

Quan Yin (1024x768)
Just a quick comment on the continuing disconnect between spirituality and mind/body in the conversation for health and wellness. Even though there are more and more practitioners who are willing to include spirituality in the discussion, it is obvious from reports on research and the development of wellness promotion messaging that spirituality continues to take a back seat in the wellness movement. I am not sure if this is the result of the challenge in discussing spirituality without needing to also discuss religion. Religion has become such a polarized topic in our current experience. It is just as bad as the polarization in political orientation we have today. read more

The Power of Love


When I think of the source of all healing energy, I always return to the power of love. When I think of the source of the beginning of time, I always return to the power of love. There are some who would like to believe that the universe is the product of random and chaotic processes that somehow succeeded in creating a pattern and dynamic that allowed all that we know to come into existence. This is much too cynical a view for my taste, especially since there is no available evidence, nor will there ever be any available evidence for how this pattern and dynamic came into existence. We have no access to information prior to the “Big Bang”.  As a “science” minded culture, it is hard for many to accept anything as “truth” without some kind of evidence. We have lost the ability to trust the evidence of our personal and subjective experience. This is a shame and we can overcome this shortcoming if we are willing. read more