Keeping it Simple for the Holidays

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I have seen so many articles about how stressful the holidays can be and so many tips on how to cope with the stress. Isn’t it a bit paradoxical that a time that is supposed to be focused on the blessings we have received is fraught with anxiety and stress? The reason for this is very obvious to me, and the solution is also as obvious. The amazing thing is that everyone is so distracted by the commercialism of the holiday season that they do not see the reality that is as plain as the nose on their faces. read more

Discovering Peace Within

Most of us have heard about mindfulness and meditation by now. These practices have become very mainstream in Western culture. I remember when I first learned about yoga and meditation. I was in my late teens and was exploring my personal values and trying to find out who I was and what was meaningful to me. I was fortunate at this time of life to be introduced to many different ideas about spirituality and was open to all of the amazing diversity that was laid out before me. I will always be so grateful to all the influences that helped shape my budding personality. Even though there were many challenges through those years, I was able to find a certain peace and wisdom in special moments. I made many choices that set my life on the path that brings me to this present moment, and I have learned to take the good with the bad. read more

Coping with Global Tragedy

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It becomes so obvious that the world we live in is dangerous and filled with tragedy. Or is this really true?

I am reminded of the post I wrote in August 2014 about Good News. The point I was making then, and want to make now, is that due to the lightening speed of reporting that we experience in our high tech world, we are bombarded by all the horrific events that happen. This can make it seem that the world is full of terror and tragedy. The thing to realize is that there are so many more beautiful, loving, and nurturing events that happen at the same time, yet we are not bombarded with that news in any way. I am not minimizing the fact that there are now, have always been, and will likely always be some terrible events that happen every day in our world. If we allow the media to set the tone of the flavor of the world by the imbalanced reporting, then we can evolve a perspective that is grounded in the gloom and doom of an apocalyptic promise. read more