Veggie Loaf 2

Veggie Loaf Detail

No, it is not an alien landscape. Just a close look at the wonderful vegan “meat” loaf that I am sharing this week. I have been making this one for several months in different combinations. I use these as a healthy lunch option. My wife enjoys them with diced tomato, pickle, avocado, and salsa.

On the day before preparation take 3 cups of any combination of dried beans and legumes and soak in a glass or stainless bowl for at least 24 hours. This will allow the beans to completely rehydrate. Make sure there is room in the bowl for expansion and enough water to leave the beans covered as they absorb the water. You can add more water if needed. I test the beans for the right amount of rehydration by popping one into my mouth and if it is edible, it is ready.
This week I used: read more

Here we are again.

Another year has passed. Have you found the wellness you seek?

Wellness is a process. I find myself engaged in activities that promote wellness on a daily basis. Some days are more rich with wellness activities than are others. I have been able to establish a baseline that I work to maintain daily. I choose foods that are nutritious and support my healing. I choose physical activities that improve range of motion and increase strength in various combinations. I hold a peaceful attitude toward my world and all who inhabit it. I experience my connection with Spirit in quiet moments throughout the day, always reminding myself that I am one with a Higher Power. read more