The Truth of Wellness

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What is wellness to you? There are so many sources of information telling you what to think. So much of the information is contradictory. So much of the information is marketing and advertising disguised as education. How can you know what wellness is with all the media trying to convince you of one perspective versus another?

I have come to firmly believe and know that the answer to the question can only be found by listening to the still voice that you will find when you take the time to sit and quiet your mind. There is nothing wrong with considering all of the information that is available from the internet and other sources. The problem is that most of the information is invested in selling something. We need to remember that the internet has become one giant, streaming commercial for anything and everything. And because it is so large and fast moving, it is very difficult to keep the bad actors off of the stage. And it is increasingly difficult to tell the truth from deception. read more

Travels to Distant Lands (Mindfulness and Buddhism)

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I returned from Chiang Mai, Thailand a week ago, Saturday. My wife and I spent two weeks visiting the Land of Smiles. Thailand is a Buddhist country and we stayed in the old city of Chiang Mai where the ancient tradition of Buddhist culture is evident in almost every aspect of the surroundings. There was an entrance to a Buddhist temple in every other street or alley. I was able to observe various ways that the local population practiced the tradition within the confines of a burgeoning tourist trade. read more