Sanctuary Within

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I have been having discussions with my wife about the challenge of keeping serenity in the face of the constant barrage of distraction that comes from our environment. And then there is the constant barrage of distraction that comes from our own mind. It is easy to suggest that we just need to return to the breath to overcome the distraction from any source. Of course, simple solutions are not always easy to achieve. There is a certain amount of dedication and commitment that is required to “return to the breath” in the face of every challenge. read more

Better Every Day

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Someone asked me how I am doing this morning. My spontaneous response was “getting better every day”. I began to think about my response and I realized something. When we start every day with a sense of growth and possibility, it is easy to see how “getting better every day” is a natural process. I guess the question is, how to have a sense of growth and possibility on a daily basis?

Is this just a matter of optimism? I can think back to the times when I did not feel a sense of growth or possibility on any day. Sometimes this was due to my attitude. Sometimes it was due to being more stressed out than usual. And sometimes it was due to a personal crisis that impacted my physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual health in any combination that you want to imagine. read more