Thought for the Day

I was sitting eating breakfast and I had decided to cut a grapefruit into sections, the way my mom used to do when I was a child. I hadn’t done this for who knows how long. It took me back into my young mind and I realized something. When I was a little boy, full of life, I came to an awareness of death and that all of this joy was impermanent. This really seemed totally unfair to me at the time. In a way, most of my life was spent seeking a way to resolve this injustice. I think part of my attraction to drugs was the impression that I was maximizing the “joy” of the moment in the face of that impermanence. Over the years I came to the understanding, mostly through what I have learned from so many sources like Buddhism and the like, is that the impermanence is illusion in the same way that permanence is illusion. When I am connected to the Source, as we have discussed frequently, I realize that the illusion of time and space are simply a kind of dream state. Once we are able to “awaken” from this dream, we can experience the true nature of this existence, which falls into the Tao or void that is found between the dark and the light. read more

Count Your Blessings

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A quick comment: You will have noticed that I am only posting around once a month. This is to allow my time for the other things that I have become passionate about. I have been playing a lot more guitar over the past 18 months and in order to have a better balance in life and to keep from trying to force myself to write each week, I have decided to take a slower pace and post once a month. Please let me know if there are specific questions that you would like me to respond to in the future. Thank you. read more