Wellness and a Sense of Humor

I know I have commented on the importance of humor and laughter over the past couple years as I have written this blog. I am inspired to reiterate what I hope is obvious to many. Human culture has been grounded in drama and comedy from the beginning of recorded history. Though it is difficult to appreciate the larger perspective on many events while we are in the middle of the experience, it is incredibly beneficial to have a practice whereby we take a step away and look from a larger and higher vantage. read more

How to Choose Foods That Promote Wellness

Have you seen the articles pushing back and forth against the notion that sugar is good or bad for you? Or butter? Or bacon? Etc… This is the case with all food and dietary science reporting. You will never find information that is definitive in one direction or another as long as there are biased research studies that are paid for by the industry that supplies the product that is being studied. As a result, I always look to the wisdom of my body to answer questions about what I really need or do not need. Let me share an example: read more