I am no expert.

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Sharing ideas about wellness has become one of my favorite pastimes. Next to playing guitar. Over the last two and a half years I have written this blog to present information that I find valuable. Most of the time, I talk about what I know. These ideas and practices are just what I have found to work for me. The sharing is intended to suggest to anyone who is interested, that it is possible to develop and design a personal wellness practice. It is not intended to tell anyone else how to do anything. I am no expert.

When I see a lot of the writing that is posted on the web, I find that there are many valuable resources for good information. And then there are many kinds of marketing and advertising for products and services that are disguised as educational material. As is always the case, especially on the internet, “Buyer Beware!” If anyone has been paying attention, you notice that my blog does not have any advertising, nor does it have any products for sale. I did offer a couple of courses a while ago, yet I do not have time to do that kind of activity at this point. Maybe when I retire.

In the meantime, I enjoy sharing ideas with anyone who is interested. The most valuable part of this experience for me is when I hear back from readers who are inspired to explore wellness in their own lives. I tremendously respect and admire all of you who have responded to my posts and have let me know that you are on a wellness journey of your own. When I hear from any of the readers I am always inspired in my own journey.

So the topic for this month is “Thank you all for reading and responding when you do”

Gratitude! I very much appreciate that I have the ability to share something that someone else finds useful. We all have something that we can share with someone else. Each of our unique life experience has given us our own perspective in life. When we take time to openly share this perspective with others, in a kind, caring, and compassionate message, we are creating opportunity for personal growth. Though it is not the typical social convention to be open about our innermost thoughts, it is very healthy to share them with the right listener.

If you keep an eye open, you will find listeners in your life. You will be rewarded with the kind of gratitude that I mention above. Gratitude is one of the most important soul foods that I know. If you respond to me and tell me some of your story, I will be truly grateful. Here’s to your wellness!


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