Wellness and a Sense of Humor

I know I have commented on the importance of humor and laughter over the past couple years as I have written this blog. I am inspired to reiterate what I hope is obvious to many. Human culture has been grounded in drama and comedy from the beginning of recorded history. Though it is difficult to appreciate the larger perspective on many events while we are in the middle of the experience, it is incredibly beneficial to have a practice whereby we take a step away and look from a larger and higher vantage.

I am continuously reminded of the importance of my sense of humor throughout my daily work life, my daily home life, and as I absorb the information that streams in from the world around me. It would be possible to become grounded in distress in reaction to so many triggers that take place with regular frequency. Whether it is due to obstacles in accomplishing tasks at work, or due to challenges in working out bugs in transportation or apartment maintenance issues, there is always something to become distressed about; if I choose to become distressed.

A recent example that I can share was when I was riding my “brand new” motor scooter to work one morning last week. The engine failed while I was around half way to work. I had to call and have the scooter towed to the shop where I made the purchase. It turned out to be a blocked fuel line and I was simply running out of gas, though my tank was not empty. I ended up taking the day off from work, and had to pay for the towing expense. The rest of the repair was covered by warranty. As I sat waiting for the tow truck, I simply opened my perspective to take in the cool morning air and the trees that lined the street. I walked over to a coffee shop and sat with a drink and a pastry to pass the time while I waited for the tow truck. Almost like a holiday.

When the tow truck driver arrived, I was in good spirits and we were able to joke about the situation. He told me a few stories from his experiences as a driver, and I continued to let him know how much I appreciated his help. We enjoyed the drive over to the shop, and when he charged me the fee, I was surprised to find that it was half of what I was expecting. I am not sure if my positive attitude made a difference in how he charged me for the tow, yet our ride together was pleasant and we enjoyed each other’s company.

By taking the position that I was open and accepting of the experience, I was able to keep a balanced view and appreciate the finer qualities of the morning, in spite of what could be considered an inconvenience, or even a catastrophe by some. At the end of the day, I had a working motor scooter, an afternoon off from work to enjoy as I wished, and though I did incur an unexpected expense; I was able to afford it without major discomfort. I found the blessings in the experience and savored them as much as possible, regardless of what was not working at that moment. The whole “finding a silver lining” process is truly exceptional.

This example of “keeping a sense of humor” about a situation is one of many that I could describe from experiences that have taken place in just the past few weeks. There is always some event that takes place that could be seen as a crisis. The practice of viewing the event as an opportunity to appreciate the positive aspect, regardless of the outcome, is one of the most important wellness techniques that I use. This is not to say that there are not certain events that are tragic or catastrophic. The death of a loved one can be very hard to see in a positive light. Yet, there are aspects of even the most difficult experiences that can be appreciated in how they are blessings, though the blessings in these events are much harder to interpret in the moment.

My wish for all is that you can develop a wellness practice that allows you to create a positive appreciation of life events, even when they are difficult and challenging. Keeping a sense of humor about the events that are moderately distressing will tip the scales toward a more balanced wellness lifestyle. Just working to move these responses to events in the direction of laughter and humor will reduce stress in the short term, and increase a state of peace and happiness in the long term.


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  1. Thank you for this post! It’s an amazing thing when we flip a moment like that to see its beauty and allow for its purpose…and laugh or smile just allowing it all. Everything changes in that moment. It’s like, ‘Oh, I get it. Now let me enjoy it.’ I remember when my dad was sick and passed away. Of course I was deeply sad, but I was also filled with immense gratitude for being complete in our relationship and feeling his love for me and mine for him. I felt truly blessed to be his daughter.

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