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As I sit here writing this post, I would like to model an approach to wellness in the present moment. I am not looking back at 2016 and I am not looking forward at 2017. I am sitting in my office chair writing a message of wellness to all those who take the time to read my posts. It is so easy to be distracted by the past or the future. These distractions reduce the energy we have available in the present moment to engage in whatever wellness practice that we may choose. I consider writing these blog posts as a form of wellness practice. I am here in the present moment writing a post.

For those of you who want more information about specific wellness ideas and practices, I suggest you browse through the posts on my website archives. There are many topics to explore and many thoughts and ideas that I have shared that you may find useful on your wellness journey.

Today, in this present moment, I focus my awareness on the power of gratitude and acceptance. When I hold the realization of forgiveness in the here and now, I can release any distraction of past or future. The choice to stay connected with the positive energy flow that is a universal constant is my most potent spiritual practice. Some might use a term like “God’s Love” for this positive energy. Others prefer terms like Universal Mind, or the like. It makes no difference which terminology you use to describe the positive energy that exists in the universe. Staying connected to it is the important thing.

How to stay connected is a matter of personal preference. I like to use creative visualization and affirmation. I also like to use “mindfulness” practices in the form of different styles of meditation. And a little bit of prayer never hurt anyone. The bottom line is to step into the positive energy flow and keep awareness of the connection. In the 12 Step tradition, this is one way to practice the 11th Step. Whichever way you want to approach this concept is fine. The important thing is to make the choice to connect.

When we think about the concept of the “present moment” we are actually separating from the actual experience of the present moment. Anytime we think about anything, it is in an after-the-fact type of process. Our conscious mind is not fast enough to think about the present without a gap or delay. We can only think of anything with our mind after it happens, not while it is happening. There is a distinct difference between thinking about something and experiencing something. I suggest that these is something very powerful about developing the skill for experiencing in the present moment.

Present moment wellness practice is one way to keep a strong grounding in acceptance and gratitude. Developing the skills to experience rather than think about the present moment is essential to this practice. The tools for developing this skill can be defined as the forms of meditation and prayer that are available. It is less important to name the tools than it is to use them. If you do not understand the value of acceptance and gratitude, I suggest you explore the concepts fully. All other wellness practices, including choosing physical activity, choosing food and drink, choosing relationships, and choosing in all the domains of life that we exist within, are going to be more powerful if they are taken within the awareness of and experience in the present moment.

Any questions or comments? Please send me a note in the comments or feel free to email. Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Present Moment Wellness

  1. I loved this! You meditated and were present while writing this post. It’s amazing how we can lose presence so easily. This is a wonderful illustration of remaining present.

  2. Gosh, it’s been a while! Seth, channeled through Jane Roberts in “The Nature of Personal Reality” reminds us, “The power is in the present moment”. When it’s said, “There’s no time like the present”, that makes more sense. This is the only moment we really have, to do anything with. It’s Now or never? (song title)

    I also learned something in recovery. C.onstant, C.onscious, C.ontact. I call it Tre`C. I saw a Native American dancer say, “Every step is a prayer when I dance”. Every breath I take is a song to & from my Source.

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