About Us

Wellness Promotion Consulting (WPC) has a mission to support the improvement of personal wellness in any individual who seeks this growth.

Our wellness model is grounded in the tradition of holism. Holistic health and wellness has been established as an effective approach to addressing individual needs for personal growth and development across every aspect of living.

WPC is here to assist anyone who wishes to work on personal wellness. We offer a variety of services:

  • online community for information sharing
  • personal wellness plans
  • individual consulting
  • seminars and workshops on wellness topics

WPC was founded by Dr. Marco Zolow, who has completed a Ph.D. in Health Psychology at Walden University. His research examined the ways that an experience of spirituality can promote wellness in older adults. This research affirms the importance of incorporating spirituality into wellness promotion. It is this understanding that prompted the founding of WPC.

About Dr. Zolow